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The Barbeque

A column by Jim ALGIE

I remember my mother saying the best thing about roasting a big, festive turkey was the next day’s grilled sandwiches.
She was thinking about leftovers and how the labour of a big feast provides through the days that follow without much additional work. My mother’s grilled turkey sandwiches require mayonnaise and cranberry sauce on the bread and, of course, butter in the frying pan. It’s a delicious way to eat leftover turkey with a little mashed potato, rutabaga and gravy on the side. But such a supper also provides a lot of dietary fat which is something I’ve tried to avoid lately.

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How I learned to love propane cookery


By Jim Algie

I almost hate to say so; but I think there’s a place in my life for a propane barbecue.

Maggie has lobbied for this for years. My resistance, I guess, involved cost. Those hibachis are so cheap.

I have three or four of them kicking around, including some that came to me at no cost whatever. And charcoal isn’t too costly, particularly if you barbecue infrequently which was the way with us.


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