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Ecosense - Part Two

When I present one of my ecosense workshops, I always explain to my participants that I don’t have a degree in environmental science, I’m not a teacher, I don’t hold a job in the environmental sector. I am an average citizen who wants to make a difference. I read books; I keep up to date on my township’s municipal waste department regulations. I read articles on the web.

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One Nail at a Time

Ever since we bought our camp on Lake Panache, I took lots of photos and wrote journal entries of every visit.  I put together this Blog to share with friends and family, to show our progress from a humble shack in the woods to what it is today.

I try to update the Blog as often as I can.

I hope you visit often. Pull up a Muskoka Chair and grab your coffee and Bailey's and enjoy your stay!

One Nail at a Time


I’ve been a licensed pyro person for about 12 years now. Out of all the shows I do, my favorite is the one me and my neighbors do at our cottage.

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What is "The Cottage Life" to you?

My husband and I talked about finding a way to have a cottage right from the time we started dating. We are not independently wealthy, so we knew that in order to make this dream a reality, there would have to be compromises made along the way. In 2004 (after we had been married for 11 years,) we bought a 9 acre piece of land on a little lake (about 4 km long by 0.5 km wide) a three hour drive from our house.

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