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Eco-Friendly Cleaning



As most of the regular forum members know, I’m a bit of an eco-geek. I recycle, I compost, I use our local Household Hazardous Waste depot and Scrap Metal depot. I try not to waste water and energy. I don’t buy products tested on animals or that have the “mean 15” ingredients in them. I haven’t bought plastic bottled drinks since 2007!

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Ecosense - Part One

ecosense – part one

2005-09-10 - globe.jpg

I was probably around eleven or twelve years old when I walked downtown on my way to meet my mother at her workplace. At that time, I remember there being large bins for trash at almost every street corner. On the front of the bins there was space for advertising. This day, there was a huge sign that simply said “DON’T LITTER”. Around the same time, there was an advertising campaign [I can’t recall if was a print ad or a television ad] about littering. I remember hearing a message about putting a chocolate bar wrapper in your pocket until you could toss it in the trash. Duh!! That was genius….why hadn’t I thought of that? I don’t know why those two messages made such an impact on me, but it made me what I am today… ECOHOLIC!! J

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Cathedral Ceiling Insulation and Ventilation

Many of us have cathedral ceilings at the cottage and I've found that proper installation is more important than most of us might think. In a building that sees occasional heating, water vapour can cause problems like mould and rot more than in a building that is constantly heated. I'm not a carpenter by trade but I like to build and learn as much as I can about a project before I start. Here's what I've learned about cathedral ceilings in a northern climate.

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